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2017 Holiday Housewalk

This year I decided to go with a simpler approach to decorating. I started in November with some DIY wood bead garlands and a makeover of some of our tree bulbs.

Unlike previous years, I decided to put all our trees in the living room. I especially like how the trees look in baskets as compared to with traditional tree skirts.

Of course each of our dogs has her own stocking!

In our house, there is always at least one candle burning! In December I like alternating between smells of baked desserts and fresh pine trees. HomeGoods and Marshalls have amazing prices and great selections.

Paperwhites! Did you know that you can grow bulbs indoors? I planted a group in October and another in November so we can have white flowering blooms all through the holiday season.

Throughout the year, I like to switch the photos in our collage wall behind our couch. You can always find free prints online. I also added some wrapping paper and Christmas song lyrics.

I always make it a goal to get all Christmas gift shopping done before December. It's mostly because I hate the congestion in the stores, but I also like to have wrapped gifts under the tree as soon as it's up. This year I did a combination of white paper, brown paper, ribbon, twine, and pine.

Last, but not least: what is Christmas without some new fun cocktails? I sat some festive bottles on the counter with my favorite gold shaker!


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