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DIY Hallway Storage

Everyone has an empty wall, hallway or entry area that needs a little extra design. Adding additional storage at the same time is a huge bonus.

One size from the Billy bookcase line at Ikea is 31.5" wide, 42.75" tall and 11" deep. These are perfect to customize for the length of your space and shallow enough to not take up too much room. (302.638.44)

You can choose to leave the bookcases open, or add doors. Ikea carries the Oxberg door that fits perfectly on the Billy bookcases. (502.755.96)

I decided to add matte black knobs to the doors and a wooden top to span across the three bookcases.

The top was a 3/4" piece of plywood that I cut to fit perfectly on top of the three bookshelves. I then cut 1/2" hardwood trim pieces (birch wood) to fit onto the edges to give it a thicker wooden top look.

I wanted the wood top to have a light wooden tone. I added one coat of liming wax which lightened up the wood and took out most of the golden tones. I finished the top with a couple extra coats of paste wax.

This once boring hallway is one of my favorite places to decorate! It also holds all of our sons toys so we only pull out a few at a time.

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