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A Playhouse from our Custom Home Scraps

Sitting on the porch of the playhouse I built from our custom home scraps.

Some of my most fond memories as a child centered around a playhouse my dad built us. I can remember my siblings and I camping out in it and specifically - waking up to snow one time! That playhouse was the blank slate for so many creative games, themed camp outs and adventures that my siblings and I dreamed up.

Sitting on the porch of the playhouse I built from our custom home scraps.

When we began building our personal home, I knew it was something I wanted for my own kids as well, but hadn't really put a ton of thought into yet. As the general contractor for much of our build, we made many trips to the job site. As with all home builds, there were many scraps left over from every phase - framing, roofing, decking, and tile, and I quickly began to realize that now was the perfect time to tackle the playhouse and I got to work, building the playhouse from our custom home scraps.

Front porch of the playhouse I built from our custom home scraps.

As our house took shape, so too did the playhouse. Of course, there were bumps along the way. Each time there were, I would simply ask the framer, or the roofer, or the trim carpenter for some advice (and maybe a tutorial or two 😉) and each time, they were more than willing - and often intrigued.

Front door of the playhouse I built from our custom home scraps.

We have always worked with incredible trades people and sub contractors, but through this process, I realized that we really do work with the best. There's nothing quite like matching up wonky angles in a roof line - but they didn't mind! Or showing me where to start on the decking - I insisted on a herringbone pattern! Or helping me install a window - I won't forget this one! But time and time again, they were patient with me and slowly, but surely the playhouse from our custom home scraps, tucked away in a tree line, really began to take shape.

Interior of the playhouse I built from our custom home scraps.

By the time we were installing the door and I had finished laying the tile, it was time to furnish it with a few pieces for the kids. With all of the magic touches beginning to come into focus, I was flooded again with the memories of myself and my siblings - not a care, lost in our own world, and I realized that I cannot wait to watch my littles grow and make memories of their own here.

Interested in the nitty gritty cost of building a playhouse from our custom home scraps? Here's how it all worked out:

  • Framing Wood: scraps

  • Siding: scraps

  • Roofing Materials: scraps

  • Decking (used on floor and walls): scraps

  • Interior Beadboard: $120 (paneling from Menards)

  • Ceiling Materials: $60 (glued ceiling tiles from Amazon)

  • Misc. Trim Wood: scraps

  • Door: $299 (Amazon)

  • Window: $200 x2

  • Mulch: scraps

  • Tile: scraps

  • Sink: $335 (Amazon)

  • Faucet: $40 (Amazon)

  • Pendant Light with Battery Bulb: $34 (Amazon)

  • Sconces: scraps (two sconces had the glass break from them on the jobsite, so I upcycled them!)

  • Interior Furnishings: repainted old drawers and added new hardware

  • Custom Rug & Sign: Etsy

Here is a link to the products purchased on Amazon for this project. This is an affiliate link. When you purchase from this link, I may earn a commission.

Building a playhouse from custom home scraps? We'd love to see it. Tag us on Instagram at @olivetreedesignbuild.


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