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Our firm believes in thoughtful design that is built into the construction process.

At Olive Tree, we draft our plans with your interior's design in mind. No detail is left behind.

How is this approach different from other interior designers or builders?

In a traditional construction process, clients have the opportunity to assemble a design team. They select and work with an interior designer to outline the exact details, fits and finishes of their home. Those details are then sent along to a draftsman, who is tasked with translating those intricate choices onto a blueprint. Once complete, the blueprint is shared with the chosen builder, who interprets them and begins constructing the home.

At Olive Tree, you'll work directly with our team to design your home, make your detailed selections, and then those exact and intentional choices are notated on your blueprints, which are drafted by the same team, and are then general contracted by the same team. Your vision remains intact and your project becomes truly custom.

Who will I work with?

Meet our Founder and Principal Designer, Alissa Welschmeyer.

Alissa was trained at the University of Missouri-Columbia, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies-Interior Design, a CIDA accredited program. She then, for over ten years, worked as an Interior Designer, specializing in kitchens and baths. In 2019, she opened Olive Tree and expanded her services to include General Contracting.


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