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#1 Commercial Interior Design Tip

Commercial projects are incredibly complex and require a great deal of dedicated attention. From permits to engineering and selections to compliance, the path to project completion isn't always as cut and dry as residential projects. My number one tip for commercial built outs and remodels? Keep it local.

#1 Tip: Keep it Local

When business choose to work with a local (and residential!) contractor, instead of a large contracting firm, there are many advantages. If you're considering a build out or full construction project for your small business, consider interviewing local residential contractors to get more information about their commercial building approach and pricing.

Personal Relationships

Business truly is all about relationships and by using a local builder, we are able to establish personal connections with the business owners we work with. Not only are our relationships with businesses important, but we are also able to bring sub contractor connections from our residential world into the commercial space. This is incredibly valuable for many reasons: We are able to directly communicate with sub contractors to understand timeline, negotiate pricing, and ensure quality. We are also able to confirm important details such as warranties and post-project communications.

Small vs. Big

Residential builders often offer more boutique services than large commercial firms. This means our staff is more lean (and hands-on), smaller (with less overhead), and focused. For these reasons, we can offer incredibly competitive pricing and the attention the commercial project deserves.

Supporting Local

At the end of the day - and the project, we ultimately want you to win too! In a small community, a rising tides lifts all ships. We are always looking to collaborate and cheer on other small businesses.

Are you a business owner looking to expand through a commercial build? Reach out to us today for more information about how we can work together.


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