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4 Best White Paint Colors

Interior Designer, Alissa, lays out the 4 best white paint colors

Selecting a white paint for your home can be overwhelming with the number of choices at your fingertips. To take the stress out of your project, we have pulled together the 4 best white paint colors.

Each time we work with a client to select paint colors, white or not, we're highly focused on the following:

  • What other colors will the space include?

  • How much natural light will the space receive?

  • What flooring will be in the space?

Oftentimes, we also consider the textiles or the size of the space. Each of these play a role when deciding which white paint color will work best in your space.

If you've thought through the questions above and you're ready to make a selection, we highly recommend these Benjamin Moore Colors.

4 Best White Paint Colors

  1. Benjamin Moore Super White

  2. Benjamin Moore Decorator's White

  3. Benjamin Moore Intense White

  4. Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

Do you have a favorite white paint color? Tell us on Instagram here!


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