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Design Power Sessions with Olive Tree

What is a Design Power Session?

At Olive Tree, we offer Design Power Sessions as one service with two different ways to use it. During a Design Power Session, clients are able to sit down with Alissa and discuss their project as she gives it her undivided attention.

How can I use a Design Power Session?

For clients that choose to use this as an initial consult for a new build, remodel or room refresh, Alissa spends time getting to know more about the project, the space and those that will use it. It's important for her to know key details such as the location, the timeline and the budget. From there, she is able to offer insight into what the next steps might be, whether that is scheduling a follow-up meeting, drafting floor plans, constructing a budget or pulling together design boards.

For clients that choose to use this as a one-time knowledge-rich meeting, Alissa often spends the time offering suggestions in regards to design, colors, or selections. She is also able to help clients troubleshoot in areas where they are stuck.

An interior designer drafts a floor plan during a design power session

How do I book a Design Power Session?

Reach out to us through our Contact Form, located here. Make sure to include all important details about your project such as location, timeline and budget. The more information you include, the better we are able to help! Someone from our team will be in touch within 24 hours of receiving your inquiry.


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