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Discovering Spain: A Journey Through Culture, History, and Design

As an interior designer, my recent trip to Almeria and Granada, Spain, was nothing short of revelatory. Nestled at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Granada boasts a rich tapestry of rolling hills with olive trees, tropical palm trees, the tallest pine trees I have ever seen, and incredible architectural and interior design heritage. Here’s a glimpse into my journey through this captivating city, as seen through my designer's lens.

A special thank you to Cosentino for graciously hosting myself, my husband Blake, and 12 other designers from the Mid-West region. To see the Cosentino campus, quartz factory's and rock quarries click here: A Journey into the Heart of Cosentino

Day 1: We flew into the Granada airport and took a 2 hour bus ride up to Almeria (Cosentinos headquarters and campus). As soon as we arrived, we checked into the hotel and headed to lunch (1am our time at home).

Day 2: Almeria, Spain: Tour of Cosentino campus and quarries: A Journey into the Heart of Cosentino

Day 3: Granada, Spain: Tour of Granada Cathedral, Royal Chapel, Plaza Nuevea and the Alcaiceria market.  Originally the hub of Granada's thriving silk trade, the Alcaiceria market is filled with narrow, winding alleys with a symphone of color, aroma, and craftsmanship.

For dinner we took a bus up to the top of the city to eat at a restaurant called "El Aqua Carmen". We sat looking over the landscapes with a perfect view of the Alhambra (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). The Alhambra was constructed on a plateau that overlooks the city of Granada.

Day 4: Granada, Spain:

Granada's architectural diversity and craftsmanship was breathtaking. The city is filled with warm terracotta, rich blues, and lush greens against the backdrop of whitewashed walls and intricately carved wood.

Granada’s patios, courtyards, and lush gardens were a masterclass in blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Granada is a city that speaks to the senses. Whether you're marveling at the Alhambra or sipping sangria on a rooftop terrace, the city offers a wealth of design inspiration. As an interior designer, this journey reinvigorated my appreciation for historical design and the art of blending cultural influences into modern interiors.

If you’re looking for a travel destination that will inspire your creative spirit and ignite your passion for design, Granada should be at the top of your list.


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