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Remodeling vs Building: The Dollars and Cents

The decision to remodel vs building or buying a home is largely based upon our clients' budget, but for some of our clients, its also based upon their goals.

Alissa stands at her desk where she educates clients on the topic of remodeling vs building.

Owner and Lead Designer, Alissa Welschmeyer, sat down with COMO Magazine for an exclusive peek into the residential remodeling world, where she shared a bit about her background as a designer and general contractor, as well as why great design doesn't always have to start from scratch (including the nitty gritty details of industry pricing).

"People tend to see a house as it is, not its potential. A room is a bedroom, so it can't be anything else. Or the kitchen sink is here, so the footprint of the kitchen must stay the same. Someone like Alissa can see how space can work better for a client by looking past the current walls and space functions."

Read more about Alissa, and remodeling vs building a home, in COMO Magazine's 2023 Home & Real Estate issue here.


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